The ideal way to begin fishing is to have a lesson from a qualified coach. This will get you off to the best possible start and provide you with the fundamental skills, knowledge and confidence to begin fishing on your own.

In a typical day we will cover:


  • Overview of fly fishing tackle - choosing the right tools for the job
  • How to assemble the rod and tie on a fly securely – basic knots
  • Safe fishing - awareness of dangers to yourself and others
  • Basic fly casting:
  • Roll cast – the fundamental cast, used to work out line and the basis of many other advanced casts
  • Overhead cast – the most commonly used cast


  • Casting further – false casting, shooting line
  • Basic entomology – the trout’s diet, fly selection
  • Buzzer, nymph, lure & dry fly fishing
  • Playing, landing and safe handling of fish