Casting tuition & mentoring

I hold Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructor (APGAI) as well as Game Angling Instructor (GAIC) certificates for both single- and double-handed fly rods. I am also a member of the assessment team and an approved mentor for GAIA (Game Angling Instructors Association) so can provide practical (and moral!) support to those wanting to become casting instructors to both GAIC and APGAI levels.

Casting is best learned in short, 2-hour sessions, with intervals of 2-4 weeks between sessions for practice and development of the appropriate muscle memory.


Roll cast – the fundamental cast, used to work out line and the basis of many other advanced casts

Overhead cast – the most commonly used cast on rivers and lakes

Casting further - shooting line/introduction to hauling


Distance casting - false casting and the double haul

Coping with wind - loop control, plane-of-cast rotation, Belgian cast, Galway cast

Coping with currents - presentation casts, aerial mends, slack line casts

Casting accurately - the accuracy triangle principle

Change of direction casts

Spey casts - single- and double- Spey, snake roll, snap-casts

Skagit casting - Perry poke, Snap-T, Snap-C casts

Scandinavian or 'Scandi' style casting - shooting heads, use of the bottom hand and line management