Stocks Reservoir


Stocks Reservoir is unquestionably the premier boat fishing venue in the North of England. Located in the Forest of Bowland, this large upland reservoir holds some of the finest stocked fish in the UK. You can fish from the bank or boat but, encompassing 350 acres, the best way to enjoy a day at Stocks is to take to the boats when you can access any area quickly and present your flies to the monster fish in the most appropriate manner.

Being an acidic upland reservoir, Stocks does not hold much invertebrate life, so the fish need to look to the surface for food and readily take dries or emerger patterns, making for some heart stopping action as you see your fly disappearing from the surface in a boil the size of a dustbin lid. Ben Dobson, who manages Stocks, farms his own fish and takes an absolute pride in stocking the finest, full-finned trout. As well as rainbows, Ben stocks beautiful browns and the incredibly hard-fighting blue trout - catching your first blue is a life affirming experience as these supercharged fish, which prefer the upper water levels, love to take to the air during the fight. You win some, you lose some, but you'll never forget that magical moment when you see one of these blue-eyed wonders porpoising and cartwheeling at the end of your line.